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Meditation & Mindfulness

The ancient practice of meditation invites us to cultivate a deep sense of loving awareness, an opportunity to reframe our perspective on all aspects of our life.  There are many different methods, including mindfulness, which brings us into the present moment experience.


Term 4 2023 Class

Learn the loving art of mindfulness, and cultivate a more compassionate perspective in all aspects of life.  

Open to all levels & abilities, bring along your own mat, cushion and blankets to make yourself comfortable (if you have one, if not some will be available).  


Community Group Packages

We are passionate about working with all types of communities that serve for the highest good of all beings.  Contact us to tailor a package, some ideas include:

  • Introduction to Mindful Practice

  • Embracing Change

  • Navigating adversity


Integral sound healing works on all layers and aspects of our whole selves - relaxing, balancing and calming right down to a cellular level.

No need to worry about following a deeply guided meditation, the best part of this technique is that you get to lay back and relax, soaking in the sounds!


Bring along your yoga mat, cushions and anything else you need to make yourself comfortable.


Corporate packages

Looking after your teams wellbeing is the first ingredient to having a healthy and caring workplace. Contact us to tailor a package that aligns with your needs.


Mindful coaching

Go deeper and learn more about how you can make changes across all aspects of your life by embracing Mindfulness.


Running a wellbeing event and want to inspire and nurture? Soulful Beings speciality is creating and holding sacred healing space for all.  From groups of all sizes to 1:1 can be catered for.  

Empower your

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