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Signature Services

 Incorporate all of Soulful Being 1:1 modalities to enjoy a truly deep and unique experience.  Giving you enough time and sacred healing space to download all of your mental, emotional and metaphysical burdens to free your self to realign to your personal true north, restoring vitality, wellness and soul purpose.

"It is my intention to live my life on purpose, to live my life interconnected with the true wisdom of my soul."

Energy Healing Services

Soulful Signature Services

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Abundance - Hot & Cold Crystal Therapy - whole body

Grounded | Loving Presence | Equanimity

90 minutes


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Awaken - all modalities inclusive package

Transformed | Transcend | Expansive

120 minutes


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Illuminate - Heart Harmony - Whole body

Immerse | Restore | Calm

90 minutes


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Radiant - Heart Harmony & Integral Sound Therapy

Peace | Clarity | Flow

75 minutes


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Raise my vibration - Reiki & Sound Therapy

Shed | Uplift | Ignite

30/45/60 minutes

From $60

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