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Raise your vibration - Uplifting your energy


its not just a familiar saying, but has some real truth - we and all things are simply molecules vibrating in ebbs and flows, transferring and transmuting energy. And each day science creeps closer to alternative and holistic health practices, founded on ancient plant medicine so its great science is catching up to Mother Nature!


every human, animal, plant, tree, herb, essential oil, and even planet; vibrate at their very own frequency or rhythm. Frequencies help to measure the amount of energy, the quality of the energy, and help provide some insight to health and balance of energy needed to live a healthy vibrant life full of vitality.

The Dance...

The dance we do to get this energetic balance right is played out in all the actions we take to restore our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. This looks like all the usual suspects - eating wholesome foods and reducing processed food, limiting alcohol intake, improving sleep patterns, yoga, meditation, exercise, time in nature, healthy relationships with ourselves and with others, the list goes on and on.

To get the healthy balance of energy in all the required places to thrive, not just survive in life, we must make a commitment to continuously monitor, assess and act. The things that raise our vibration are what we want to focus on, and be mindful of the things that lower our vibration - negative self talk, the news, unhealthy eating, binge watching Netflix

Energy into form...

All things in our world start as energy and are transformed into matter, depending on the combination of elements and rate of vibration/frequency involved. Vibration, or frequency is also another word for describing sound, which can be measured in MHz.

In holistic and spiritual practices, the term "frequency" is often used in relation to the concept of metaphysics in which frequency refers to a person's energy or vibrational state. Just like Einstein figured out E=MC2, energy is transformed into mass depending on the elements involved. Water is the best way to understand this - when we lower the vibration of water, it freezes, and when we increase its vibration through heat, it will turn into vapour.

The power of intention has been a huge revelation for me in understanding how we can influence our thoughts and in turn our actions, the potential to build a life of your dreams, some of which are manifesting for me right now! Just as we choose our perspective - we can see a glass half empty and thats all we will see is negativity. Our thoughts and minds can be considered the energy part, and how it plays out is form.

How do I raise my vibration?

To experience a healthy level of wellbeing, our body's frequency needs to be between 16 and 80 MHz. Everyone is unique and what works for one may not work for another, so this is a personal journey of experimentation. Here is some inspiration to get you started exploring what might work for you.

Mindfulness & Meditation - OK, so you probably arent surprised given what I do here in my life and offer through Soulful Being! The science is certainly backing the multitudes of benefits of regular practice, I cant believe how impactful it can be when my mind is on overload and I give myself permission to pause all the thinking, it has helped me avoid many restless nights I can promise you that! It can also work to increase flow in the mind to go about all of the daily activities, improve communication and your sense of fulfilment while doing the most simple of tasks.

Our senses are the simplest cues for us to take action:

Breath - You can take 5 minutes and do some breathing exercises aimed at inducing the gamma state, the highest frequency among all brain waves. They are associated with better concentration, improved memory, and increased happiness and creativity.

Sound - the purest form of frequency available to us, it will come as no surprise that certain music and sounds can have a positive impact on our own energy levels. Putting on your favourite "amp me up" tunes, playing binaural beats produced at optimal frequencies (just search for "uplifting binaural beats"), natures sounds in the forest, ocean or any natural landscape, and my personal favourite through sound healing sounds - see my about page for more on this and what Soulful Being offers.

Smell - how quickly can a certain fragrance invoke a memory?! As discussed in my blog post this is the fastest way to get a message to the brain, so choosing wisely what we scents we inhale can help raise our vibration. It's a powerful tool that can evoke emotions, enhance flavors, provide warnings, and add richness to our lives in ways that we might not always consciously recognise. Some research has found the frequencies of essential oils can potentially help to balance or enhance energy - oils may contain the highest frequency of any natural substance known to humans, no wonder they have been used for many millennia! For example:

  • Bergamot 105 MHz

  • Frankincense 147 MHz

  • Rose 320 MHz

  • Idaho Blue Spruce 428 MHz - wow!

It is believed that different scents, including essential oils, can have an impact on one's emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. In general terms:

• citrus oils - happy vibes

• minty oils - motivation and energy

• floral oils - happy and uplifting

Get inhaling natures gifts to see which ones resonate best for you!

Gratitude - by focusing on all of the things you have that you are grateful for, you are filling your mind with a sense of fulfilment, when we choose to focus on the things we don't have, we send the message we are lacking something, an create a type of suffering by clinging to what is not reality. This is a simple but incredible life saver - no matter how hard a day might seem, turning towards what you have, besides the hard stuff, you will always find something to appreciate.

Power of positive intentions - This is a big one for me, a big part of my mindfulness practice, and I have many teachers, one in particular, Dr Wayne Dyer, his book "The Power of Intention" draws on the metaphoric law of attraction, some of his wisdom has been shared through podcasts as well. Our therapists encourage this positive self talk in the same aim to improve our sense wellbeing, and there are countless ways you can embrace this practice.

From Dr Dyer:

"The power of intention is the power to manifest, to create, to live a life of unlimited abundance, and to attract into your life the right people at the right moments."

Exploring and appreciating the world through these practical, simple ways can lead to a deeper and more enriching understanding of the environment around us, and ultimately raise your vibration! Have fun experimenting, I hope you find what works for you :-)

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