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Why Soulful Being?

I am a woman, sister, daughter, mother, lover, carer, friend, cousin, coworker, leader, community advocate, an empath and very much a giver and co-conspirator with the all pervading forces of the universe. And I also know I am so much more than the limitations of these roles and labels - thank you and so much gratitude Ram Dass, Buddha, Gaia, and Kuan Yin - to name a few.

Holding Rose Quartz oblong crystal used for hot and cold crystal bodywork
Sacred healing space - studio

I am the oldest of three daughters, with ancestral lines across Ireland, England and Italy.

I am an adventurer with a lust for life and exploring, especially in the great outdoors via much cherished road tripping.

I have had a rewarding professional career in Technology across many specialisations and industries.

I am mum to three beautiful children that went through a challenging health period as a result of how becoming a mother manifested in my body. This led me along a winding path of discovery to understand what my body was trying to tell me, and through this process I have gained so much insight into what it takes to lead a healthy, vibrant lifestyle brimming with wellbeing.

Changing many habits in what I ate, what activities I did with what my body by listening to my body, and changing the way I related to myself, and quite profoundly, with the world.

This journey really truly awoke in me a new perspective and relationship with life - the joy and gratitude steadily growing and positively flowing into many aspects of life. I became so inspired to share with others what I had learnt, which led me to first begin to dream up a beautiful vision - to run a wellbeing farm here in Nillumbik.

This book of lived experience and wisdom I created, was indeed more than just a new attitude to live my life as a busy working mum, it turned out I needed this to live through the most challenging years of my life yet - the height(or great depth) of my husband's battle with chronic mental illness. I believe the outcome would be far darker and tragic for my kids and myself if I did not surrender to and accept the new unchosen path I found myself in. I searched high and low for answers, some kind of solution to my husband's pain and suffering, during which I realised I was a carer, an invisible unpaid job, with complex challenges to face on a daily basis to make sure my family slowly moved forward.

Through a pandemic no less!

Pink cafe special lunch date with gold flecked fairyfloss and oodles of soft fluffy pink things
My beautiful daughters - my greatest teachers in life!

This propelled me into action, and gave me purpose and helped me to channel the frustration at not being able to help my husband, I turned towards the community and felt a strong conviction that much more needs to be done to see and care for carers and for people with mental health challenges.

Changing habits literally transformed my life and my perspective. I have become a fierce wellbeing advocate and want to share my collective wisdom to help others find their joy and balance.

Living well is my way of life - I am a Reiki, Mindfulness, Ruby Heart Healing, Hot & Cold Crystal Bodywork therapy & Integral Sound Healing practitioner, Meditation teacher, essential oil and low tox advocate - these are all pursuits I have taken on and helped me to thrive in all the adversity I was living through, processing living grief for the husband and family life that mental illness has stolen from us.

On a special retreat getting to know more hot and cold crystal techniques to offer in the sacred healing studio in Diamond Creek
Precious Bunya Mountain time

I understand firsthand how important it is to look after our whole selves to live our best lives.

Soulful Being was born in my mission to offer a safe, calm and healing space open to all beings to receive respectful support and acknowledgement and of course much needed nourishment in a resonating form to each individual. There are so many lessons and so many ways to create a healthy vibrant life, and my desire is to help others to find their own unique path to cultivate wellbeing into their way of living.

My wellbeing farm had been put on the back burner, and through these last few years, took on a new shape - I want to see a NFP Wellbeing Farm in every local government area across Australia!

Imagine a place where everyone is welcome to explore, try and discover their own personal methods and therapies to build a unique holistic approach to live life to their fullest potential and ability - opening to all to encourage those that can afford, to pay in exchange for services, and for those that need it most and may not be able to access for a multitude of reasons including carers respite- to make it as accessible as possible.

From personal experience, I know how much more beneficial and proactive it would be to spend some time connected to nature and a range of services across all aspects of wellbeing (mental, emotional, physical, financial, occupational, social and environmental) rather than sending people to a hospital bed to our very stretched health system that has a never ending demand exceeding its abilities. Proactive health care is the only way forward and I sure want to be part of that.

I see my future being fully dedicated to serve others to bring about more loving, peaceful happy and healthy beings, through the carers collective, my energy healing and mindful teaching business, and hopefully through the reality of creating and running a wellbeing farm here in the Nillumbik/Diamond Valley area.

The more connections I am making as we grow and build out our collective roadmap the more confirmation I am doing something that is much needed in our community, both locally and globally.

Just like everything in life, its all about the journey, not the destination. Trusting my intuition and remembering what life is all about beyond the clouds of human life today, stay tuned to be part of this journey…

Glorious fig tree, Bunya Mountain, Queensland
My happiest of happy places!

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