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Sacred healing space, nurture, refill, restore, expand, ground and release

Welcome to your sacred healing space, to nurture your health and wellbeing,  reconnect with your own magic,

and expand your loving potential. 

Reignite Flow ~ Find Balance ~  Spark Joy

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let's cultivate more love, light and peace in the world... 

Soulful being is here to remind you of the loving light within.

By creating a sacred healing space, inviting stillness, clarity and expansiveness, we believe all beings can rediscover joy and peace, and reignite passion to pursue their dreams and hopes.



Who We Are

Soulful Being is a Wellness Service Provider, creating a nurturing, sacred and safe space for you to reconnect with your infinite self, offering group sessions across a range of modalities:

Mindfulness & Meditation integrated with Sound Healing

1:1 with Reiki, Sound Healing & Hot & Cold Crystal Bodywork Therapy

Great classes Nicole, you were really genuinely wanting to provide a supportive and nurturing space for this workshop, you seem really caring of the carers well-being and emotional concerns

Wellways Carer on Essential Oils for Emotional Health

Coming up events:

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We work with individuals, community, NFP & Corporate

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